A Garden!!

I’m planting a garden!! My husband keeps reminding me that I’m in for way more work than I think, but I am thrilled about the idea. I do already feel like my days are running away from me and that I never accomplish everything that I want to in a day. However, I think that if I add more things that I love to do, I’ll be more motivated to get things like mopping and laundry done quicker! And I so want more excuses to spend time outside. Cora and I go walking every morning, and I imagine that as it gets warmer, we will start hiking more regularly and going to the lake (at which point I may wish I never started this project…) but for now I feel like we are mostly stuck inside all day. You can only walk to the grocery store and back so many times in a day. And I know this is going to be so good for me and be so much fun! I have already been so energized by the idea and have been ecstatic when plotting out my rows of vegetables and my little flower bed. Thus far, the friendly guys at our local IFA have been very helpful in remedying the fact that I know next to nothing about gardening. I now know that if I were to have planted this early in the year, all of my plants would have frozen and died and I would have to had to start all over. I am the kind of person that when I get an idea in my head, I want to do it NOW and complete the entire project ASAP. In that regard, gardening is going to be a very good lesson of patience for me. Not only can I not plant until almost a month from now, but once I do plant, all I will have for quite some time is little lumps of freshly turned dirt with seeds only I know about inside. Immediate gratification is not achieved when gardening…

However, I am looking forward to the pride I will feel when I {hopefully} can stand in my yard and enjoy the scene of brightly colored dahlias and marigolds amongst my home-grown produce! Because there is nothing better than a fresh tomato warmed by the sun straight out of your own back yard!

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