About Me

Hi!! My name is Bronwen. Thanks for stopping by!

I am a young wife and brand new mom to a beautiful baby girl! My husband and I crave adventures of every sort and plan to bring our daughter along whenever possible. Sometimes just surviving a day of dirty diapers and failed naps is adventure enough, but when there is energy left over we love to hike, camp, paddle-board, and are slowly learning to surf. I also love to cook, craft, and find healthy solutions for caring for my family. I am an organization fanatic, avid reader, and music lover.

My husband and I both worked for a time at a wilderness therapy program in the deserts of southern Utah. While working there and living in the middle of nowhere for eight days at a time, two important things happened for me. First, I came to the realization that sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got. Second, I came to appreciate nature and it’s healing powers in a whole new way. Both of these things have influenced much of the rest of my life, and the content that you will see on this blog. As I continue to learn and explore, you’ll find essential oil recipes and tutorials, delicious and usually healthy recipes, DIY crafts and organization projects, things that I am learning as a new parent, and other tips for a simple and healthy life. (As well as accounts of the continuing adventures of my little family and my random thoughts on life!)

I hope that you enjoy your time here at Wild Desert Rose and that you visit again!

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