DIY Sleepy-time Lotion

We all know that parents need all the help they can get when trying to get their kids to sleep. It has seriously been the biggest struggle getting my sweet girl to sleep on a consistent schedule (particularly when I started expecting her to go to sleep on her own) from day one. There is always some sort of obstacle: just wanting to cuddle the heck out of your perfect newborn, gas, over-tiredness, not tired enough, teething, the “I want to practice crawling RIGHT NOW” thing, teething again (always really), hungry baby, thirsty baby, and hungry again baby. That being said, I really feel like we’ve started to get things figured out over here. I try so hard to stick to a routine and a schedule. See my post about our bedtime routine to see what things have worked for us that way. In that post I talked about my homemade sleepy-time lotion, and now I’m going to tell you how to make some!! (Hint: its ridiculously easy)



-1 cup coconut oil

-15-20 drops lavender essential oil


Begin with your coconut oil in a medium mixing bowl. Using a hand mixer, mix the coconut oil until whipped and little fluffy. Add your desired amount of lavender oil and mixed until combined. Then spoon your lotion into a jar and store it in a cool place (not as cold as the refrigerator, just cool) otherwise your rub will lose its form and melt. Apply at bedtime for a super-relaxed, yummy-smelling baby (or you!) Note: The lotion will melt as you apply it so start with just a little. It goes a long way!


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