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Fit Mom Attempts

Over the last 9 months since Cora’s birth, I have been through quite the range of emotions regarding my body. I’ve felt total awe, disgust, pride, embarrassment, anger, and love. Not very much of the love, though… And I desperately want to work on that! When Cora was first born, I loved my body for producing her almost as much as I loved her. Now, I mostly try to hide my body from sight (my sight and the sight of others). I miss loving my body! So, to combat these feelings I’ve had to get going with some positive change, I started 21 Day Fix this morning! I don’t plan on doing the program forever, or drinking Shakeology forever (cause that stuff is pricey!) but I think it is going to be just the kickstart I need to change my attitudes and habits and get me where I want to go. I’ll let you know how I feel about it at the end of the 21 days. Have any of you tried 21 Day Fix? How did you like it?