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Life-saving Apps (and tech) for New Moms

I’m going to start this post by sharing something personal about myself.

I am a hypocrite!

I have a vivid memory of myself, from a year or two ago, ranting about how technology is taking over the world and ruining our lives… bla bla bla. Maybe it is. In fact, I think it is in a lot of ways… But here I am now, typing out a post on my blog about how iPhone apps and other technology has totally saved my sanity as a new mom.  And a few of these things really have! So here they are!!


Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is most definitely my number one app as a new mom! With this app, you can track feedings, diapers, sleep, growth, medications, and even vaccinations. It makes it so easy to keep track of all the little details that your exhausted brain really just doesn’t have room to remember anymore. When I first brought Cora home from the hospital, I could hardly remember my name, let alone what side I started nursing on last. This app saved me. Especially now that we are working out allergies and feeding issues, it has been a great help as I have needed to really keep track of Cora’s diapers and other reaction symptoms. Another thing that I really like about this app is that you can record pumping and keep track of your milk stash but you can also track formula feeds. It works for any feeding situation! Bonus: It is available for Android and Apple and they finally made a companion app for the Apple Watch!!!!

What to Expect

This app is a given. Not only does it bring up articles relevant to your baby’s current developmental stage, but it is linked to a great community of other moms where I have found tons of validation and support! The app also has an integrated photo journal, monthly writing prompts, and is an awesome app for pregnancy.

Cloud Baby Monitor

It took me a while to find this one, but I am so glad I did. Mr. F and I had been battling for a while about whether or not to buy a baby monitor. Our house is tiny so we can hear Cora no matter where we are in the house so it seemed silly to spend the money, but I can’t count the number of times I impulsively went in to check on Cora, when she was sleeping peacefully, and woke her up. Cloud Baby Monitor has totally put my mind at ease because I can peek at my baby whenever I want and she can sleep in peace.

 Rain, Rain

All I can say about this app, Rain, Rain is this: I wish I had known the value of white noise to a baby’s sleep from the beginning. Like I said, our house is tiny and Cora sleeps so much better when she’s got  something to drown out the noise of me doing dishes. I actually use an actual white noise machine in her bedroom now (I wanted my iPad back) but this app makes it really convenient to bring white noise with us when we’re traveling or on the go.


If you are a stay at home mom, and especially if this is your first baby, this app will be particularly useful. Though the app is free, the actual books require an Audible subscription which I have found to be well worth it. When Cora is awake and my house is full of squeals, giggles, and laughs I hardly remember that I am the only adult around. But, when Cora goes down for a nap, and everything is eerily quiet, Audible is my best friend. I’ve listened to a few books that I hardly remember the name of the main character but it is just so nice to have voices in the background to keep me company until Mr. F comes home.


Everybody needs a good photo-editing app, especially when you’ve got a new face at home to document. After-light is my favorite because it’s so simple! It let’s you edit brightness, contrast, etc. when you really want to but has some great go-to filters as well.

The Owlet

The last bit of tech that has saved me since being a mom isn’t an app (it comes with a companion app) but it has been so essential to my sanity that I felt I had to include it. The Owlet monitor keeps an eye on your baby’s vitals (breathing and heart rate) while they are sleeping and lets you know if there are any problems. This tech comes with a high price tag but it is so worth it!!! I waited until Cora was almost three months old to buy the Owlet and I wish I had had it the night we came home from the hospital. Of course, I am going to be sleeping with one eye open until all of my kids are out of the house and “sleep” just isn’t the same. BUT, this monitor has made it so I can rest a little easier and know when my sweet girl really needs my help.

I hope you find some of these apps helpful! They certainly have saved my bacon a few times. When Cora’s doctor asks, “how many wet diapers has she had today?”, I am set (both because I’ve got it recorded on Baby Tracker and because I’ve actually gotten some sleep thanks to the Owlet)!

What apps and baby tech have saved you as a mom?